Restaurant Story

resturant story1

The name Restaurant Story, is apt for this place as you do feel like you are walking through a beautiful piece of literature that has been creatively drafted to make you never want to finish yet desperate to turn the next page to find out what is coming next.

The restaurant is located in an unassuming space on the main road to Bermondsey from London Bridge. It is very subtle yet modern from the outside, with its wooden circular structure. We were welcomed in  by a waitress and seated at one of the handful of tables in the restaurant. The place is fairly small but each table has the capacity to hold large groups. The kitchen is the main focal point as it is open and close to all of the diners but the decor should not go amiss with its subtle nod to literature, reading and days gone by.

The menu is designed to be a type of story. Starting off with three of four amuse buoche, which are not your general mouth sized bites these were masterpieces.

We went for the ten course menu which sounds huge – and was – but as each dish takes on the ‘story’ element you are left begging for more.

My favourite starters included the seafood dish that was served in a large bowl to share with a selection of crustaceans lying on a  a bed of dry ice. Another was a whole candle made from beef dripping which slowly melted allowing you to dip your bread into the salty liquid at the bottom.

Main courses included prawns that were smoked at your table, scallops with an earthy dill ash and my ultimate favourite ‘the tale of the quail’ which was quail served four ways (including a quail egg) and came with a teapot of stock and a little story to go with it. Deserts were equally spectacular.

The waiters were professional but not too attentive and happy to run through the dishes with all of the enthusiasm as they must have done the first time they explained the dish. It is exciting.

You don’t really need to see the star rating to know that I can wholehearted say I adore this place.

Food                             Service                    Atmosphere

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

tail of quail

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