Shrub and Shutter

shrub and shutter

We were invited to this trendy little restaurant in Brixton. Shrub and Shutter is close enough to the indoor market to be still be seen as central but off the main drag of the hoi poli. As hinted at in the first sentence this place is trendy a.k.a bare bricks, an abundance of knick knacks everywhere and mismatched furniture but this place prides itself on fresh, seasonal ingredients to create modern British dishes. The menu changes daily and they provide set menus which give you more limited options but the dishes are so well thought through that this is hardly a problem.

We were seated at the back of the restaurant – meaning you have to squeeze through the narrow hall by passing the admin area where the reservation system is – into a quieter area of the restaurant. We were given a drinks menu with some fabulous little cocktails that were original – and very tasty we found out later.

We ordered the beef carpaccio with pickled beetroots which were served like a light salad. The dressing was tart which worked well with the rare meat. Delicious.

For main course we went for the spiced duck breast with sautéed plums and the halibut on a risotto bed. The duck breast was just to my liking, pink in the middle with a crispy skin. The richness of the meat went well with the fruity plums. The halibut was well cooked and risotto was served al dente. Maybe a little more seasoning was needed but that’s my only critism.

Service was friendly, although as we were at the back of the restaurant we were not as attentively waited on as we would have liked, meaning we had to wait a while for the orders to be taken and dishes taken away. This was no issue however as we were in no rush and the service as I said was friendly.

                Food                           Service                      Atmosphere

4 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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