Jamie’s Italian


We are a huge fan of Jamie Oliver’s cooking – who wouldn’t be, he makes cooking sexy again and campaigned for kids to eat healthier –  so we thought we would give Jamie’s Italian a try. We went to the branch in Seven Dials on a lovely summer evening. We had a reservation but the majority of people just walk in and wait for a table, while having a drink at the funky little bar. I quite like that about the place, relaxed, simple and fun – just like Jamie’s cooking you could argue.

We were seated by the window and served by an Italian waiter – or at least he did a convincing accent – which made the dining experience even more authentic. We ordered a bottle of red and checked out the extensive menu. The menu sticks to the traditional Italian cuisine courses, antipasto, primo, secondo and dessert and offers hearty Italian dishes with a Jamie Oliver flair – simple yet tasty!

We ordered the cured meat plank to start which included mozzarella, prosciutto, pickles and chili jam and was served on top of two tomato tins – a really nice touch! The platter was great, not too filling but very moreish.

For main course we ordered the rib eye steak and the sausage ragu. My steak was cooked medium rare – just how I like it – and was thick and juicy. I ordered vegetables as a side instead of the chips, which were a little lighter. The pasta dish was hearty, served in a rich tomato sauce with a generous amount of herbed meat in it.

The place is always busy and gives a lively atmosphere to the lace. The waiters are always keen to talk you through the menu, the food simple yet creative and it actually sticks to authentic Italian dishes. A great place for a casual dinner with friends or even a date spot! As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

              Food                            Service                            Atmosphere

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars


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