Gourmet Burger Kitchen


I really do try to avoid chains, not only because I find that the food and service lacks much creativity but also because I like to support the smaller, local restaurants in whatever area of London I am in at the time. However when my friend invited me to lunch in Spitalfields Market and proposed Gourmet Kitchen Burger – mainly as there didn’t look to be a queue – I agreed.

I like burgers but will only usually eat them if I make them myself so I was a little hesitant. On the menu, there were a good thirty burgers to choose from. You are asked to go to the counter and order and help yourself to free peanuts. This seems a little unnecessary to me but its seems quite popular looking over at other diners gnawing on them in anticipation of their meal. It’s a bit like a posh McDonalds in format.  I ordered a naked burger which is served without the bun with salad and sweet potatoes fries. My friend ordered the burger with cheese and bacon.

The food was served quickly and the burgers were very thick and tasty – so I know realize why this place caught on. The sweet potatoes fried were lovely but the regular fried were like matchsticks which we prefer a little thicker. Again just preference. It’s never going to be a local for me but I would not be adverse to trying again. I think if there was a waiter service throughout, they called the burgers for what they really are, rather than ‘hip’ names like ‘The Don’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ and scrapped the complimentary peanuts – just seems a little try hard to me- I would rate even higher. But hey the food was quick, tasty and good value so I can’t complain.

           Food                              Service                           Atmosphere

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