Fazenda UK


Fazenda is a little cafe run by an Italian husband and wife team based on Leydon Street by Petticoat Lane. Located off the main drag and rather unassuming from the outside, regulars  come here for good coffee, home made food and service so friendly it feels like a family.

The cafe is small based in a tall slim townhouse and easy to walk by.  As we walked in we were immediately welcomed by the son (I assume) and sat down on a small table in the corner of the cafe. We were immediately given water and bread before being asked to come up to the counter to make our selection. We were asked to choose from the ten or so dishes that are home made in the kitchen below. We had an option of a pasta bolognaise type dish, braised cabbage, roasted peppers, roasted aubergine, pasta salad, apple and feta salad and beef in a creamy sauce. It is a rather nice concept as we were encouraged to try a wide selection of the dishes on offer. The baked aubergine was stuffed with cheese that was soft and creamy against the rich smokey aubergine, the pasta bolognaise was not in a thick sauce but more with chuncks of rich meat that stuck possessively to the pasta, the roasted peppers were served in really good quality olive oil and had a distinct smokey flavour and finally the apple and feta salad included sweetcorn and raw peppers – delicious.

I do need to mention the coffee and cake too before I wrap up. There are coffee sacks placed on the stripped back wooden floor, which are bought in from Rome. You can see the owner grinding the coffee throughout the day so that it is fresh for all the customers no matter what time they crave a caffeine kick. My Americano was delicious. They serve a good variety of cakes – again homemade – the huge Victoria sponge with strawberries caught my eye.

The owners are passionate, funny and treat you like family. The food is all made to traditional Italian recipes and always home made on the day. The prices are pleasing too. Since the first time I was introduced here I have recommended to colleagues and friends and all have fallen in love like I have. But please don’t tell everyone, this place is a delicious secret. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

Food                                Atmosphere             Service

5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

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