Chinese Cricket Club


We’ve heard good things about this place but having never been a fan of Chinese cuisine we’ve given a miss, well until now obviously.

I have to say since the visit I have a better opinion of the cuisine but again I’d argue this is one of the best places to chow down – excuse the pun.

Chinese Cricket Club is part of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Blackfriars, which is swanky and centrally situated. Usually restaurants in hotels have a bad rep but this goes against the stereotype.

The restaurant itself is uber modern with green leather seats, bamboo entrance and subtle nods to the cricket theme. Well played.

They have a selection of menus including the express lunch – which is handy for a business lunch- but we went for the al a carte option.

We ordered the steak fillet in black bean sauce and the crispy soft shell crab along with egg fried rice to share.  The fillet was beautiful, it melted in the mouth and the sauce was spicy and salty. Just perfect. The rice was a far cry from the egg fried rice you find at you’re local take away, light, fluffy and subtly flavoured. The soft shell crab on the other hand was very dry, to the point where it honestly felt that there was no meat left. The batter was all that seemed to remain. It was a shame as on the whole we were very satisfied.

In terms of atmosphere, people seem to dine later in the afternoon and, unsurprisingly based on location and price, it’s more often than not filled with loud city types. It’s not cheap here but quality reflects this (despite the crab dish). Apparently the thing to order here is a whole crispy duck. We might try next time.

This place is definitely impressive and worth giving a go if you like Chinese cuisine that’s more upmarket than China Town however this comes at a price and the occasional oversight from the kitchen lets it down.

Food                            Service                        Atmosphere

4 Stars4 Stars3 Stars

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