The Big Easy


The Big Easy classes itself as a BBQ and lobster shack located in the Kings Road and Covent Garden. Having been to the Kings Road location, way back when, we decided to try the much newer Covent Garden restaurant.  They do great deals that change depending on the day of the week which is great for students and end of the month places to eat.

As you walk in, the noise level rises by a few decibels. There is a sense of organised chaos which suits the place; friendly, buzzing and full of life. This is not the place where you would go for a quiet catch up.  We were early and seated at the bar which is full of the most amazing liquor. We sat on one of the 1920’s brass bar chairs and ordered a couple of nigroni’s. The bar was one of the highlights for me.

We were seated by some very enthusiastic waiters, so enthusiastic that I felt a little tired after they had run through the drinks, special offers and al a carte options. Phew. The menu is extensive showing off a lot of great BBQ shellfish and steaks. We hoped it could live up to the menu!

We ordered a sharing platter which included half lobster, giant shrimps, crab claws and dipping sauces. This was served in a huge iced bowl that was elevated on metal stands. It did look impressive and tasted great – although a little messy. For main course we ordered the sirloin steak and the lobster roll. Although the place is ram packed there was not an excessive wait and the service was so friendly we couldn’t help but smile in admiration of their energy. My steak was over cooked and had a lot of fat on it which meant that I left a lot of the meal. It was served with creamed spinach and fries. The lobster roll looked good, the meat was well cooked and was apparently very tasty.

We ordered the bill pretty sharpish as the noise level is only so much you can bear for so long. The food was good but the food did not live up to my hopes and was expensive for what we ordered – however I am sure that if you do order the daily specials then it is much more wallet friendly. The service is very enthusiastic, which is sweet but again can be a little too much; asking us ‘how we are getting on’ at least three times throughout the meal. Atmosphere has a fun buzz and there is often live music which is always a plus. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

             Food                              Service                  Atmosphere

3 Stars4 Stars3 Stars

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