Kings Cross has become an unexpected haven for trendy restaurants large and small with the likes of The Grain Store, Voc Bar and Plum and Spilt Milk, and we included Karpo on our growing to do list.  Located conveniently next to the Kings Cross tube entrance, it is small and unassuming enough to be frequented mainly by locals.  We were tempted by the set weekday lunch option which offers a three course selection of European dishes. We decided to try the butternut squash soup, followed by the chicken breast & potato fondant main course and the ‘Karpo burger’.

 The restaurant is a relaxed, independent restaurant; small enough to be cozy. It has a family run vibe with quirky little notes to customers and fun décor such as the grass wall and signage. The kitchen is at the end of the restaurant open for all to see which I personally love.

 The soup took a while to come out – which was fine as we were not in a rush – but one bowl came out luke warm (the other was fine). It had a crème fraise drizzle which added richness to the slightly watery soup with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds to add depth. I ordered a diet coke and this never arrived – again not a problem as I should cut down but not really the point.

 The chicken – when it did arrive – was tender served with the creamy potato and al dente kale. Yet the burger was a real disappointment. I don’t think it was freshly prepared; it didn’t look or taste quite right. It was medium/rare in the centre – which I usually like – but the taste was not right. Definitely not fresh.

 One of the waiters – I think the manager – was really good and came over to check we were happy but our waitress made ad hoc appearances which probably led to the majority of the delays.

 I really liked the atmosphere, menu options but the slow service and mixed food quality really let it down.

As a results Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

                Food                      Service              Atmosphere

2 Stars2 Stars3 Stars

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