Don’t be put off by the fact that Beast is from the same people at Burger and Lobster. Don’t get me wrong I like Burger and Lobster for what it is – a fast food chain that does a wallet loving lobster but this place is in a different league all together.

 Based in the heart of Mayfair this place is trendy, it has a Scandic feel as you walk through reception downstairs and welcomed by gigantic (and I mean gigantic) live crabs. The restaurant looks like the set from the Hogwarts dining room with impressively long benches – making for a great social buzz – with gothic chandeliers hanging above.

 The waiter was helpful; suggesting the weight and type of the steak based on our preferences and offering suggestions.

 We ordered 700g porterhouse steak with honey roast carrots, oyster mushrooms and truffle chips. The menu is deliciously simple offering steak, lobster or Norwegian crab only– this is not a place for vegetarians. The blackboard has a range of steak cuts and weights which are scratched off when they are ordered – Hawksmoor style.

 When our food was served in front of us on sharing dishes we dug straight in. The steak melted in the mouth like butter, the chips were unbelievably moorish and the vegetables were well cooked. The only slight niggle was that the carrots were overly sweet –  too much for my palate.

 I cannot recommend this place enough, it’s not too showy but still aims to impress. It is pricey, and when I say pricey, let me put it in perspective. For a 125ml glass of wine you are looking at £15-20. But saying that the wine is all of the finest quality, there is no plonk here. A young couple opposite received their bill and cried, literally. I joke not. So make sure you have enough in the bank.

                         Food                                     Service                                   Atmosphere

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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