Jose Pizarro – Broadgate Circus


We went to Jose Pizarro on a rainy evening – I love Broadgate when it is dark and lit up. It has much more of an atmosphere in the evening when City slickers are having a couple of afternoon drinks rather than at lunch time when the stark beige buildings dominate over the circle. We’ve walked past this Spanish place before and thought we’d give it a try – just before our Spanish holiday – getting our taste buds prepared was the excuse.

The restaurant itself is small but incredibly busy. The bar was three people deep as there is no real area to just drink unless easting. We had booked a table so were in the slight less packed dining space – the bar and dining area separated by a large bar table – so were able to hear ourselves think. There was a blackboard with specials as well as a well thought out tapas menu. Service was a little ad hoc either we had three people asking to take our order or mysteriously disappearing when we wanted another glass of wine or the bill.

 We ordered patatas bravas, iberico ham, calamari, cod cheeks and octopus. All the food was delicious and made more so by the Spanish wine we were sipping. Service as I say was a little hit and miss however. The food was terribly overpriced too but I guess they were catering for the City bankers so…

                  Food                                Service                        Atmosphere

4 Stars2 Stars4 Stars

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