Ronnie Scott’s


Ronnie Scott’s is an institute in its own right opening in 1959 and being pilgrimage for jazz lovers globally as well as those who want to be seen. If you have never been, you must. Even if you’re not a  jazz fan the atmosphere is superb. You are taken back a to a time when music was the core of the Soho scene and it’s pretty cool. Standing and seated tickets are on offer and prices depend on the time you go, the band, and the day.

We went to see Soil and Pimp sessions who had come all the way from Tokyo to gig at the legendary den. The stage is in the centre of the room and those just coming for drinks sit and stand at the front of the stag. The diners are seated to the side which is tiered so everyone can see. The seats are really more like sofas upholstered and sits up to four people. The wall is red and full of famous faces from time gone by. The diners are seated to the side with those just coming for drinks at the front. As the night goes on the atmosphere gets more and more lively and there is a buzz to the whole place.

Now on to what you really want to know – and reason you are reading this post I assume – the food. Now I wouldn’t say you would come here just for the food. It is good, don’t get me wrong, but food is not the purpose of coming here and the chefs know that. As long as the food fills the belly of those drinking heavily or staying out for a long evening, that is all that counts. We ordered a burger and steak with chips. It took a while to give our orders and the food to come out but the waiters have to take food and drink orders from a lively crowd and serve as they go through the night. It is also quite dark so must be hard to see! The burger was tasty and came with chips that were hot and not too greasy. My steak came with vegetables and a peppercorn sauce. The steak a little overcooked for my liking and a little too fatty but was nice on the whole. The wine an cocktail menu outshines the food menu to be fair and as long as you know this you will have a blinder of a night.

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