Dirty Bones – Kingly Court


This visit was my first to Dirty Bones, and hopefully not my last. We had decided to go for a boozy lunch and choose Dirty Bones, located in Kingly Court, Soho. They offer a two hour unlimited brunch on the weekends which includes – not surprisingly – unlimited prosecco or bloody Mary and a brunch dish of your choice. The place is small and ram-packed – definitely worth booking a table, although they do allow for walk-ins.

The place has a very hipster vibe, with bare wood walls, industrial lamps and tattooed waiters/waitresses. We were cheerfully seated and poured a glass of the bubbly stuff before we had even took out coats off – a great start – they were incredibly generous with the alcohol throughout our meal and ensured that we were topped up to the last 30 seconds of our allotted seating time – literally.  I like a place that is not stingy with their drink if they are advertising an unlimited offering.

For main course we both ordered the baked skillet, which was basically two baked eggs in tomato sauce with avocado; cheese; and bread. The eggs were running and the tomato sauce divine – spicy and really rustic. The food took a while to come out which was ideal as we had a two hour sitting and we intended to make the most of it. The service was incredibly friendly, generous and food was just what we wanted to soak up a boozy lunch.

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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