We noticed this new Turkish restaurant in the summer and made a mental note to try it in the near future. I am a big fan of Turkish grills but this place focused more on the small meze plates and is famous for pide (fa flatbread filled with vegetables and/or meat) – obviously they do served grill meat but it is more as an accompaniment. Babaji is located on the corner of Wardour street and although is small they usually find you a spot – the later in the day it is the harder it is to get a seat.

We were seated on a comfy bench with royal blue upholstery. The blue and gold décor is simple and understated which suits this small little place. We ordered a lots of small sides including: baked eggs, kiymali pide  (lamb, tomatoes and peppers), humus, oven baked halloumi, the obligatory olives and a tomato & walnut salad. The food came out a different intervals but in a sensible order – so we could mop the runny eggs with the bread and nibble on the olives while we waited for the warm food.  The pide is cooked up front next to the bar which is nice. We washed it down with Turkish wine and ouzo.

This place is perfect for a quick, tasty lunch that doesn’t hurt the wallet – its particularly located in the heart of the theatre district if you fancy a nibble before or after a show.

          Food                          Service                   Atmosphere

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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