Hubbard and Bell – Hoxton Hotel Holborn


Hubbard and Bell is the sister restaurant of The Hoxton Grill in the Hoxton Hotel…well Hoxton. It is small restaurant area just off the bar and café/working space – in typical Hoxton Hotel style. This place is full of media types and is stylish but laid back. We came here for Sunday lunch one day as we heard it did a killer roast.

We were seated on a rather awkward table half way between the working area and restaurant – presumably because they had ran out of table space although we had booked a few days ahead.  We were seated but then the waiter seemed to disappear so we couldn’t order drinks or weren’t full aware of the concept. Finally after a good long wait we managed to waive down waiter who explained each table held dishes for a different course and it was help yourself.

On one counter there are a vast number of dishes that are for starter, including salads, smoked salmon and roast meats. I love this healthy help yourself options.  The next counter/bar area had a number of roast meats with a chef who carved your choice and you could help yourself to vegetables and sauces. I also added a few salads from the starter counter as I wanted to keep it as healthy as possible. The final counter, on the other side of the room, had the desserts which included mini cheesecakes, sponges, mixed fruit, mousses and biscuits. I nibbled on fruit but was too full. There was three of us and one of the group preferred al a carte options which was provided as an alternative to the Sunday roast version. He had a burger with fried and remarked that it was tasty – I think he had food envy to be honest.

We had another wait for more drinks and the bill, which was rather frustrating. I like the food, the relaxed vibe and the price was decent. The only low point was the lack service, this really could be more efficient and attentive.

Food                                          Service                               Atmosphere

4 Stars3 Stars2 Stars

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