I have never been, nor do I ever want to be, a vegetarian or vegan. But saying that I love my veggies and am not adverse to a non-meat meal every so often. My vegan friend came over and so we decided to go to Ethos, based at the back of Oxford Circus. Serving vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes this was the perfect place for her (vegan) and me (trying to eat healthy).

The place is quiet at a weekend which is a lovely little escape from the crowds just two streets parallel. The restaurant is fresh and open. With white walls and trees seemingly growing through the roofs. Even walking through the doors you feel detoxified (which was great as I had a boozy one the night before). There was three tables jam packed of healthy hot and cold dishes including Mediterranean couscous, broccoli and artichoke salad, hummus and baked cauliflower. You help yourself and pay based on weight – rather a risky thing to do as I usually load up on the heavier stuff like sweet potato and vegetables.

The food was so satisfying you wouldn’t notice the lack of meat unless it was pointed out to you. This place is perfect, for a quick lunch to take out or healthy dinner option when you want to treat your body as a temple or just get away from the crowds.

                 Food                                            Service                                     Atmosphere

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