Matisse in the Studios at RAA

The Royal Academy of Arts, Matisse in the Studios exhibition in London is a thing of beauty. Having been to the Tate Modern’s ‘Cut Out‘ Matisse exhibition a few years ago, my first Matisse exhibition I add, I was disappointed. I realise I needed to have a background of Matisse before I saw his later, more niche work, but still.

The ‘In the studios’ exhibition really did it for me.

The exhibition really gave you a flavour of what his studio was like and his inspiration.

My favourite room was ‘objects is an actor room’, which shows that Matisse painted the same objects over and over again, but in a completely different light (metaphorically not literally). His chocolate pot was drawn in charcoal, vibrant colours, alone and with flowers). His studio must have been full of colour, life and passion. Something we can all aspire to.

I also went to the Jasper Johns exhibition, I am less drawn to American artists as I struggle to relate to their culture and identity. However, his early work really struck me. Bold, personable and honest. I was much less keen on his later work, so we will move on.


Matisse in the Studio is on until 12 November. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls says ‘Catch it while you can’.

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