Photo diary of Rome – Ischia – Baia trip

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls on the road! They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here is our photo diary of our little October trip.

I was fully prepared to dislike Rome. I had heard that it was busy, dirty and overwhelming. Maybe it was the time of the year we went but I didn’t find it busy, dirty or overwhelming at all. A beautiful city with a famous piece of history around every corner.


Oh the coliseum! IMG-20171005-WA0017

We of course made a wish at the Trevi fountain… IMG-20171005-WA0001

One of our favourite areas in Rome was the quite suburb of Trastevere. You can see the Vatican from here… IMG-20171009-WA0006

Our favourite restaurant in Rome was  Urbana 47. The pizzas are out of this world and the Saltimbocca was hard to beat.

IMG-20171009-WA0003Made even better as we had a little apartment that over looked a popular square, where the locals like to hangout and drinks around the fountain


A two hour train ride landed us in Naples, the less said about that the better. And a one hour trip ride found us to the beautiful island of Ischia.


We hiked around the castle, which has some beautiful little cafes, by the way, and is seeped in history. IMG-20171009-WA0005And our even more beautiful hotel – Regina Isabella


After two nights, we headed to Baia. Once the home to Emperor Nero, this place is full of history and architecture. Not that the locals seemed to have a clue.


Our hotel was stunning, look at that view… and the breakfast and bar seemed to be in this replica Ancient Roman style bath (we dubbed it a German Sex Dungeon – you get the gist).


We will leave you with this last one… Vesuvius.


October is a perfect time to travel to this part of Italy, out of tourist season and the weather was 25-31 degrees depending on the city we were in. For more from London lifestyle blog, Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls follow us now!

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