Why solo cinema is the best…

There is a stigma about going to the cinema alone, but Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls is determined to bust that myth. I love my own company – yes, I said it and I think we should all say that a bit more to be honest. I think we should embrace a bit of ‘me time’. I bought an unlimited cinema membership and trust me I have my money’s worth. So, to debunk this stereotype/myth – here are my five reasons why going to the cinema is better solo:
1. You always get an aisle seat: Need a wee? Want to get more popcorn? Well you can. There is no need to fret about getting people up. You have more leg room too if you have long legs. Win!
2. Eat like no one is watching: Popcorn, hot dogs or whatever – get it down your cleavage, down your white t-shirt. With dates you need to pretend you are sophisticated (for at least the third date). With no one to judge you, you are your own king or queen.
3. You are not there to talk: I just want to watch a film, is that too much to ask? I don’t want the chit chat, I want to be taken away by the story line, without feeling like I need to make the effort. Sorry, not sorry.
4. It’s better than Netflix: Get out man! There is something about going to the cinema that is romantic and makes me feel like I am not a hermit. Nothing beats the big screen and the dolby surround sound system!
5. No faff: No need to organise with your girlfriends or boyfriends – just turn up. No stress if they are late or you are late (more importantly) you, and only you are to blame – but no one can make you feel bad about it!

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