Beauty & the Feast: A Happy Ever After?

This post should have started with four magic words “Once upon a time’ as I’m supposed to write about the Beauty and the Feast at Waterloo Vaults BUT this post will mostly be about the before and after the show ‘adventure’ that we embarked on…as three bottles of prosecco and a few ‘dishwasher, fairy-like liquid’ cocktails made the performance too good to (fully) remember!
So it all began around 4pm – bearing in mind the show was due to start at 7pm – on the train back to London from Gatwick where I was working. I decided to double check the tickets for the event and I was shocked at seeing the dress code was French Regalia – wait what? We assumed it was ‘come as you are’. The invite went on ‘Dress to impress: French Regalia’ with tips to wear fur, velvet and other accessories that we clearly weren’t prepared for. Right OK…
So. I get to London in a state of panic, texting my friend about the recent epiphany, only to find out that she had locked herself out of her flat and that she’ll have to wear the same skirt and top she’d been wearing the whole day, which she accidentally (sod’s law right?!) dropped yoghurt on!
At this point we both realised that we are off to a bad start and figured nothing, except alcohol will make the situation better…so naturally, on my way to her flat, I picked up a bottle of prosecco.
Open sesame! Her cleaner saves the day by letting us into her flat, the cork pops and we’re starting to get creative with our outfits! At this point we had about 30min to go, and scrabbling around to find anything that will fit the theme! We managed to find a couple of fur scarves and we thought that will do! I looked like I was wearing a dead beaver around my neck and my friend looked like a Victorian brothel madame…the RSPCA would have boycotted for sure.
Bottle dry, we order an uber, we have given up caring at this point but were glad we’ll make it to the Vaults on time..we get a text from our uber driver warning us that he is deafer hard of hearing. So we thought, here we the hell are we going to communicate with this man..but  we didn’t have time to order another fully able driver. We get in the car, shouting and miming as much as we can, until it dawned on us that the man can understand fine… ah right… He gets us to the Vaults safe and sound and we breathe a sign go relief and join the queue. Just to check this really was the queue for Beauty and the Feast we go up to a couple and ask them if they’re also going to the Beauty and the Feast. The boyfriend’s jaw drops as the girlfriend angrily says ‘thanks for ruining the surprise I had booked it as a special surprise for his birthday!’
MORTIFIED…we couldn’t have felt worse so we decided to hit the bar for our second bottle of prosecco. As we are sipping away in our despair, the host and the fairy god mother come up to us and our furry little friends – who are still hanging by our necks – to ask us if we would like to play the Duchesses of Indiscretion?!
Things were finally starting to look up, I mean we were perfect for the job!
Here are a few photos from the night to give you a flavour:
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