Four of the most overrated productions in 2017

Ferry Man

I love the writer Jez Butterworth (Jerusalem is my favourite play EVER) but this felt like I was watching The Walton’s, and I couldn’t hear a word of what the kids were saying. Long and frustrating at times. I predicted the ending and only relatable to people 40 years onwards. But hey Jerusalem with Mark Rylance may be on the cards for 2019. Woo hoo. Please be true.

Antony and Cleopatra at the Barbican

I love Shakespeare and have so much respect for the Royal Shakespeare Company, but this was unimaginative. This play has so much potential to be fill of colour, humour and passion but it lacked it. The music by Laura Muvula, so I expected unusual, reverting music throughout but no there was only one or two music pieces per half.

Kinky Boots

I realise this has been in the West End a lot longer than 2017, but I saw it this year so I’ll count it. A camp version of Billy Elliot. I love that fierceness of it but the story line is daft. Lots of colour and laughs, the acting is spot on, just a weak story line.

The Goat

Ok, I was drawn to Damien Lewis staring in this, but he falls in love with a goat. Yeah, a goat. And boy does it drag. Before you judge, I do like Edward Albee for his dry, raw and satirical humour, but this was too strange for me.

My tips for next year:

Support new and fringe theatres. Try Opera Undressed, and join the Young Vic membership.

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