Tips for success from a Michelin Chef

Dinner parties for New Year are becoming a lot more popular, so in time for the celebrations, I wanted to share my main take-aways from my recent meeting with Raymond Blanc to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Brasserie Blanc chain (as crass as that word is). Raymond Blanc is a celebrity chef but refuses to act like one. Incredibly charismatic and funny, he is anything but pretentious. You can see by the way his staff act around him that he is hands on yet gives his staff the confidence and trust they need to thrive.

As you will know, here at Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls we have a passion for food & wine, so we asked what his top tips for success were in the food & wine industry?


No matter what type of role you have within the food and drinks industry, competition is high, so you need to be creative. Creative in the food you serve, Creative in the marketing channels and Creative in the service.


You must, must love what you do and have a passion for what you do. Blanc started off as a junior and had been put down my senior managers in his early years, but his passion got him to where he is today. His passion is clear when he speaks to his customers, and not only that, his team are oozing with the passion that he brims with.


Being a leader means empowering staff, thinking outside the box and believing in what you do. You can be a leader at whatever stage you are in your journey. Be confident, loyal and self-critical and you will be on the road to success.

And I am sure you are all wondering what we had to eat. Well the anniversary menu included:

Amuse bouche – cream of sweetcorn soup and red pepper oil

Starter – Wild mushroom ravioli with a hazelnut and sage dressing

Main course – Pheasant breast and confit leg bon-bon

Desert – Meringue with blackcurrant ‘three ways’

Oh, and a glass of Joseph Perrier champagne to wash it all down. And Blanc himself cut his birthday cake for us all – now that’s commitment!

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