London Art Fair ’18: Good, Bad & the Ugly

Last week we went to the London Art Fair, it was one of the better years I thought. Here are a few of the good, the bad and the ugly that we saw this year.

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003213This stunning piece which looks like a 3D skull when you look through the crystal ball…

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003214Kitch posters, hardly masterpieces but seemed to draw in the crowd…

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003215East meets West

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003216The Cavalier and the Clown

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003218Colourful buttons (they weren’t called that and priced individually but still)

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003219Colourful bottles


2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003221Reflective tree…

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003222Floating wooden circles…

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003225This painting was beautiful and had a porcelain sculpture of the same flower and vase next to it.

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003226No clue…

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003227Albert Irvin (not sure the shape does it justice)

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003228Katherine Morling

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003229Pretty book house

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003230This freaks me out…

2018-01-18-PHOTO-00003231I just adore this.


And last but by no means least is Greyson Perry ‘Britain is Best’.

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