New Year, New Me – no thanks

It’s the last day of January and I’m still sitting here pondering what New Year resolutions I should set have set for myself…would I have kept them? Probably not. I know January is supposed to be about jumping on that ‘New Year, New Me’ bandwagon, but I don’t agree with New Years resolutions for a few reasonsfruit-2367029_1920.

Everywhere you go you hear people talking about trying out new diets,  ‘veganuary’ and ‘dry Jan’ amongst the more popular ones, and about their whinges-just bloody get on with it!
Gyms are overcrowded which is such a massive turnoff for someone like me. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to get back into exercising but the thought of having to queue up to use the treadmill makes me lose any enthusiasm I have. 
I personally think January is the worst month to start making big plans for a number of reasons.
1. You’re (probably) the skintest you’ll ever be this year
2. It’s freezing outside
3. It’s dark when you wake up for work and dark when you leave work
Don’t set yourselves up to fail boys and girls! Most people give up on their new year resolutions by mid February! So let’s be pragmatic about things. I honestly believe small positive changes will help you actually stick to what you’ve set to achieve for yourselves in 2018!
I have decided to check out for a few more days, until February the 1st! Watch this space

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