Day trip to George Michael’s memorial

George Michael will always have a place in my heart and as the great fan that I am, thought I would pay his residence a visit in Highgate. Who would have thought that such a beautiful part of London (and also one of the most expensive to live) would be only 30min outside of central London?!

We started the day with a hike around Hampstead Heath with some gorgeous city views and lots of gorgeous dogs = a perfect Sunday outing and then walked over the hill to George Michael’s house. Definitely worth the trek!

We soon found out that Highgate was not only the leafy residence of George Michael, but George Eliot and Karl Marx are buried at Highgate Cemetery, known for its elaborate tombs and wild greenery.

Here are a few of our photos of the memorial. The gastropubs are not half bad either – we said a cheers to the legend, from George’s local @TheFlask,Highgate.


George Michael’s memorial outside his Highgate residence



A year after his death, fans still visit the shrine to lay down fresh flowers and light candles…IMG-20180114-WA0007


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